Inviting NFL Alumni Wives

The NFL Alumni Georgia Chapter would like to extend a special invitation to Wives of Alumni Players.

We can help make a meaningful, positive difference in your post-NFL life by providing you and your family including medical, financial and social well-being.  Become a member of the NFL Alumni Georgia Chapter by visiting  Join NFL Alumni or call (877) 258-6355.

Membership is open to spouses and significant others of former NFL players.

If you have any questions, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.



Welcome NFL Alumni Georgia

The day has arrived when NFL Alumni Georgia Chapter Members have a presence on the web they can call their own.

This website is your one-stop collective for Georgia Chapter news, information, meetings, benefits, fundraisers, health and business news, opportunities and networking.  And, most important… any ideas you have for your website.

To make this website functional, informative and pertinent, we need YOU – our Members’ ideas, input, and contributions. Let us know what you want, like, dislike or need. We want to hear any and every idea you have for your website. We will do our very best to make it happen quickly.

Email us at –  with your ideas, likes, dislikes, etc.

Our first event of 2018 was our Members Meeting & Pre-Super Bowl BBQ Party on Saturday, February 3rd at Dreamland Bar•B•Que in Downtown Duluth.  The Meeting was well attended and the presentations were pertinent and diverse.   Mike Cipila M.D. talked about the Georgia Chapter’s new Medical Commision and concussion studies.  Chapter President Andrew Bolton summarized the direction the Chapter is moving concerning events, fundraising, outreach, and media.  The Georgia Chapter’s new website was introduced along with its mission, content, digital media and potential.  There was a lively discussion on a variety of current issues.  And the food was outstanding.  Our Chapter meetings have changed so watch the website and email communications for the next meeting and upcoming events.

There are close to 800 former NFL players living in Georgia.  If you know potential NFL Alumni Georgia Chapter members including players, wives, coaches, staff or even cheerleaders, please send their information to and a chapter officer will contact them.  This includes potential members outside of Georgia and we will steer them to the correct chapter and its leadership.

Check out the articles in HEALTH and NEWS. Coming soon are business and motivation articles, contact information for all Georgia chapter members, networking, social & fundraising events, opportunities for personal appearances, talks and speeches, and opportunities to sell autographed memorabilia…to name just a few.

Check YOUR website often, bookmark it and make it a button on your smartphone.







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